It’s Natural Selection…

evolutionAlmost all of us are familiar with the quote “Survival of the fittest”, this quote actually originated from the Theory of Natural Selection proposed by Charles Darwin. Charles Darwin proposed five theories in his book “On the Origin of Species”, these theories were: Evolution, Common Descent, Multiplication of Species, Gradualism and Natural Selection.

His Theory of Natural Selection has four main points. The first main point is overpopulation in which more offspring are born than survived. The second main point is variation wherein there are differences within the population. The third main point is competition where more individuals are born than the current resources can support thus leading to competition. The fourth main point is survival of the fittest where individuals with favorable variations will survive and reproduce and pass on the favorable traits to the next generation.

During early years people are not required to go to school to have jobs. There were even no schools, no money, no cars, in short people live a simple life. Resources were relatively abundant during that time, compared today where people are even deprived from breathing clean air. As time passes, people become curious about nature and the universe; they abandoned superstitions and embraced rationality and eventually the world was transformed from simple to complex.

We live in an age where competition is tough, where people struggle to find jobs and enter descent schools and where our resources cannot support the growing population. Limited resources and exponentially growing populations does not only lead to scarcity but to competition as well. Darwin said that those individuals with favorable conditions are more likely to survive. Don’t you think that competition becomes tougher because we, humans evolve and become better?

We experience tough competition these days whenever we want to accomplish something great like entering a descent school or getting a good job. There are many new graduates out there who have a hard time looking for a job, not because they are not capable but because there are many better people than them who also wants the job. It’s the same for applying for a College degree, not passing the entrance exam does not mean that you’re not capable enough it just means that there are also many students applying who got a better score than you.

This kind of competition is a result of the principle “survival of the fittest”. People who survived long ago passed on the traits that would allow the next generation to survive. So we should not just expect a more vigorous competition in the future, we should also be able to adapt not just follow and live not just survive.


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