Hello there since you went to my castle, it only just and fair that I introduce myself to you!

I present you twenty-one things you have to learn about yours truly:

  1. I am a single child.
  2. I love everything about history.
  3. My idol and role model in life is Alexander the great.
  4. I am a football fanatic.
  5. I am the only girl among my first degree cousins, both in my paternal and maternal side.
  6. I love the countries Spain and Greece.
  7. I read the works of Shakespeare.
  8. ‘A Midsummer Night’s Dream’ is my favorite Shakespeare work.
  9. My favorite super hero/ superheroes are the Power Puff Girls.
  10. My favorite moment in history is the storming of Versailles and the Battle of Gaugamela.
  11. I want to be a lawyer someday.
  12. I admire people who are versatile. (the ones who can adjust in extreme conditions)
  13. I watch Korean dramas.
  14. My favorite football player is Neymar.
  15. I find Scandinavian, Celtic, Saxon and Viking history boring.
  16. My favorite movie is Stardust.
  17. My favorite cartoon character is Bubbles and I have a stuff toy of Bubbles for 12 years now.
  18. I have a long name which I keep a secret from other people.
  19. I demise people who don’t know their place.
  20. My luck number since I was a six grader is 15
  21. My favorite word is Hubris, which means “pride that blinds”.

Now that I’ve presented you these information. You must keep it only to yourself and yourself alone, if I discover that you had leaked this information to anyone other than yourself then I am sorry to say that you will be executed tomorrow.

Thank you for paying greetings at my castle. May you have a safe journey home.




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